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In Sicily, food is affection ...
Today I could not understand how it was possible that a man who works as an accountant could open a bar / food / Sicilian rotisserie and after a month could know perfectly the culinary traditions, products and producers of their land. This is why I asked my Sicilian friend for a rational explanation, and here's the answer: at home we talk mostly about food and flavors; what we ate for lunch and we will cook for dinner is the central topic of our days. A Sicilian, even if he has been away from his land for years, even if he does a desk job in life, has those flavors inside.

It was some time that Enzo had in mind to open a gastronomy that proposed the best Sicilian products. The search for products has been manic and I have rarely seen many Slow Food products all in the same store: honey from black bees, salami, jams, cheeses.






One of the most important suppliers of Sicilianedde is located in Mirto (small town in Sicily), is a butcher that produces a ham (black pig Nebrodi) that has nothing to envy to the Patanegra, while the amazing ricotta comes from the province of Caltaniessetta. But every corner of Sicily does its part by supplying Sicilianedde: jams (to the white melon of Trapani, to the mulberry), cold cuts (such as Fellate, Coppa, Guanciale) and cheese (Cosacavaddu Ibleo, Sicilian Canestrato, Ragusano Dop, Fiore Sicano, Pecorino Siciliano Dop, Piacentinu Ennese Dop, Tuma Persa, Provola from Nebrodi, Vastedda from Valle del Belice, Pecorino Nero as well as the thousand different types of Primo Sale).

But this is just the corner of quality products, to take away or taste on site in the form of cutting board (cutting board of sausages 12.5 euros, chopping of Sicilian historical cheeses 12.5 euros, ham of the Nebrodi 10 euros).




The rest of Sicilianedde is much more: Sicilian rotisserie here is one of the highest expressions I've ever tried. Two Bronte boys work in the kitchen, transferred to Rome to reproduce the original Sicilian flavors as accurately as possible. This is why only the highest quality products are used following the recipes of the past. For example, it is not used the mozzarella (which clearly did not arrive in Sicily at one time) nor the Edamer, with which many today prepare the arancini, but it is used the Tuma, the fresh cheese with which it was cooked in Sicily. So here you will find the fantastic arancini, the best of Sicily can offer.




But it is not enough, in the wake of tradition, to the Sicilianedde the cunzato bread is reproposed. Practically unavailable outside Sicily, the pane cunzatu (seasoned) is made specifically from a Roman oven that uses an ancient recipe with durum wheat. Condiments include: Panarea (6 euros - oil, oregano, dried tomatoes, spicy sausage), Alicudi (6 euros - oil, oregano, black olives, anchovies, fresh tomatoes, first salt), Favignana (7 euros - oil, oregano , fermented mushrooms, provola, coppa), Stromboli (7 euro - oil, oregano, artichokes, provola, prosciutto). At lunchtime, together with the hot table where classic dishes like the Norma are served, the cunzatu bread is snapped up.

And here we are finally at the legendary dulcis in fundo ... I'll tell you straight away: I a aragosta with a filling of pistachio cream (of course Bronte) like the one I ate at Sicilianedde I had never tasted it before.

And the ricotta is so good that it has pushed Enzo not to accompany the cannolo with the usual vanilla or candied fruit ... Nothing must imbastardire the taste of ricotta! Then for the brave who are not afraid of the costume test there is the Iris (the fried Catania cream filled with cream), the fruit of marzipan, lobsters with ricotta, cassata and much more.






The restaurant is very nice with friendly staff wearing the typical Sicilian scoppola. We start with breakfast and stay up all day until 9.30pm.


Altogether going to Sicilianedde you will perceive the passion for the Sicilian products of the owner, and that passion is transformed into excellent dishes by the skill of the kitchen boys. On the other hand they are all native to Bronte, and in Sicily the kitchen is affected! It does not take much imagination to understand that we are in front of what will soon become a point of reference for lovers of Sicilian flavors in Rome. We add that, given the success, Sicilianedde has expanded and now also offers an excellent homemade ice cream (obviously Sicilian!)



Le Sicilianedde

SERVICE: polite

PARKING: not easy

PRICE: 6 euros a cunzatu bread

ADDRESS: Viale Parioli 33 Rome


DAY CLOSE: never. Open from 7.30 to 21.30 no-stop

POSITIVE: unobtainable Sicilian products carefully chosen by small producers, stratosphere pastry, traditional flavors, passion, best place for sicilian products in Rome

NEGATIVE: parking is not easy, evening lights maybe a bit cold;

NOT TO BE MISSED: sfogliatella with pistachio cream, arancino alla carne, pane cunzatuu


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